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Harma & Cro Bhajan Group

About us

The Cro Bhajan Group was founded at the beginning of the 1990's in Zagreb as a study group for the learning and practising of bhajans within the Zagreb (Croatian) Sai Organisation. After many years of practice and experience in which we learned and standardised much, at the same time helping people from Zagreb and other parts of Croatia to embrace and learn bhajans more easily, we came to the conclusion that this might also be of aid to other Westerners. It was for this reason that, at an interview in January 1997, we asked Swami for his permission and blessing for the recording of the bhajans in a "western way" upon which He decisively answered, "Yes, do it! I bless it!".

And so, here we are - singing, playing, recording, performing, and bringing joy to lives of many good hearted people in our society. So we are not in Show Business, but actually in Joy Business, if we can say so...

Love & Sai Ram - Harma


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