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O Bhagavan

Sai Ram Bhajo Mana
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  1 Gaja Vadana Gana Natha
  2 Antar Jyoti Namo
  3 Jai Jai Bhavani Ma
  4 Harihara Om
  5 Rama Rama Sai Rama
  6 Bhajo Ghanashyama Bhajo
  7 Dam Dam Dam Dam Damaru Baje
  8 Govinda Narayana
  9 Sai Ram Bhajo Mana
10 Rama Hare Sai Krishna Hare
11 Om Shivaya Om Shivaya
12 Raghupati Raghava Rama Ram




Sai Ram Bhajo Mana is the second CD of bhajans recorded live by Harma & Cro Bhajan Group in Zagreb in November and December, 2004.

This CD of bhajans (songs of divine worship) is meant for Westeners - not only for listening purposes, but also for active participation through singing and practicing bhajans with the CD itself. All intonations are adapted for the average vocal range of Westeners, both male and female, to allow most to be able to sing along with the CD. Also, all bhajans are sung in a manner understandable and acceptable to Westeners (without over-complicated Indian vocal figures), as well as harmonized and arranged to be more familiar to the Western listener while at the same time respecting the melody, lyrics and strict structure of the bhajan. We have tried to bring together the eastern beauty and irresistibility (and also incomprehensibility) of bhajans and the love and desire of Westeners who desperately long to sing them, but experience difficulty in doing so.

The Cro Bhajan Group was founded at the beginning of the 1990's in Zagreb as a study group for the learning and practicing of bhajans within the Zagreb (Croatian) Sai Organization. After many years of practice and experience in which we learned and standardized much, at the same time helping people from Zagreb and other parts of Croatia to embrace and learn bhajans more easily, we came to the conclusion that this might also be of aid to other Westeners. It was for this reason that, at an interview in January 1997, we asked Swami for his permission and blessing for the recording of the bhajans in a "western way" upon which He decisively answered, "Yes, do it! I bless it!". And so, there you have the result before you. We would especially like to express our gratitude to dr. Ali Husein from Geneva, as well as his dear wife, Zahra, who held a seminar in Zagreb in the mid 1990's in which we learned some of the basic elements regarding bhajans, as well as many of the most beautiful bhajans, of which some are herewith presented. We thank you.


Besides songs in standard audio format, playable in all standard CD players, this multimedial CD also offers all songs in mp3 format, video clip, notes with lyrics and chords, as well as lyrics with chords, translations and glossary, and the most important Sai Baba's discourse about bhajans, and some nice pictures. All this can be opened in standard computers.

Thanks be to Swami for His help, leadership and blessings.
Thanks be to Him for enabling all of this.
Thanks be to Him for Himself...

Love and Sai Ram-Harma & Cro Bhajan Group



MIXED & MASTERED at the B.B. Harddisc Recording Studio in Zagreb, Croatia


Vocals and Guitar - Hrvoje 'Harma' Marjanović
Upright Bass - Nikola Marjanović
Mandolin - Rista 'Rille' Ibrić
Djembe - Krešimir 'Krešo' Oreški
Bongos and Percussion - Boris 'Beštek' Beštak
Guitar - Velimir Vereš

MALE VOCALS: Nenad 'Neno' Braje, Velimir Vereš, Zoran 'Zoki' Livaić, Predrag 'Peđa' Čeović, Branimir Gonan

FEMALE VOCALS: Elena Marjanović Poropat, Veljka Amižić, Valentina Livaić

ARRANGED AND PRODUCED BY: Hrvoje 'Harma' Marjanović

ENGINEERED BY: Hrvoje 'Bibi' Galeković